• Dec 17

    Show #397 – Downstairs Face


    Annoy Your Friends


      Thanks to all of you for listening and supporting the show! Tom and I have been having an f’n blast but alas it’s time for a break. A much-needed break! Since we’re pretty much the only folks pulling the strings here, it will be nice to not have to do anything for a few weeks. (Well, at least a week! We’ll see how it goes. Haha…) For those of you that are “Founders,” I’m currently at the studio getting everything ready for your arrival. I’ve got to say, Tom and I are pretty damned excited to have you guys take a peek at what you created! I’m SO stoked about this!!! We would be nothing without all of the great listeners that we have and obvious special thanks go to those of you who invested in our new studio space. It was sort of imperative with the new baby to get the studio out of my house. Andrea has been a saint putting up with us working there for the last couple of years but it was time to move on and grow. This has been a banner year for us and it has everything to do with you believing in us and our podcast/radio product. Expanding can be scary but you guys helped us every step of the way and I hope you know how much we appreciate that. Thanks again!
      On this week’s show:
      -Winnie the Pooh leaves a voicemail
      -Boring motherf in a laundry room
      -Dan test his palmed pills on Caesar
      -Swinger pineapples
      -Smoking cloves and bloody mattresses
      -Tom lost his comb
      -Genitals are your downstairs face
      -Ross’ Rativity
      -First time getting high/drunk
      -Human garbage can
      -Vulcan Shocker
      -How bout no stink?
      -Wawa battle
      Thanks for listening – spread the word and I’m sure Tom and I will be seeing a great deal of you very, very soon.

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