• Jul 24

    Show #376 – Jody and Scott


    Annoy Your Friends


      Thanks to both Jody and Scott for taking the time to fill-in and do news this week. You guys did a great job and it was amazing to chop-up some old radio stories from a time when I personally think radio was at it’s best in “The City Beautiful.”

      On this week’s show:

      -Pints for Pulse event

      -Jody and Scott are here!

      -Ross was a talk radio troll

      -Beer tub ‘gina

      -“Tom’s an Asshole” contest

      -Jellybean is the safety word

      -Tuddle shanghai’s the show!

      -Fish dealers

      -Crystal defends Tom

      -The old 42 1/2

      -White hate crimes in Miami

      -Piss in Poe’s gas tank

      -Reverse cowgirl the toilet

      -Venezuelan Leo wants a date

      Thanks for listening folks! Don’t forget to download the new “Tom and Dan Mediocre App.” It’s totally FREE and it’s the easiest way to get all Tom and Dan shows. We’re working on an update too. Don’t worry. This one is going to be coming FAR faster than anything of the others because we started working on it immediately after releasing the app. That’s sort of how we’re trying to do things and hopefully we can get in front of this, you know?

      I hope you’re all having an amazing Sunday and we’ll see you tomorrow!


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