• Jun 17

    Show #371 – Dances with Hose


    Annoy Your Friends


      Hey there kids…

      If you haven’t already done so – you might want to check out or interview with DeRay Davis. Dude was about as cool as it comes and HE BROUGHT BOTH OF HIS “FINE AS HELL” GIRLFRIENDS TO THE STUDIO! (Yeah – I typed that and I’m a 40 year old man…) Check that interview out. He and Justin Hires were two of the nicest comedians that we’ve met. Show them some love.

      Thanks to all of you for catching the show LIVE and/or downloading. (Here’s a fun fact – the show is downloaded 100 to 1 for every person that tries to catch it live. So there’s that.) Either way we’re really glad to have you guys with us and we hope that today’s how was a bit of an escape. I know it was for me and Tom. With the week that all of us in the Orlando-proper area have had (and anywhere for that matter) we just needed to laugh and attempt to have a good time. We did just that. We did. It was more than difficult at first but then it all just fell into place and we all started to feel a little bit better. It was much needed.

      If you didn’t catch it during the show, Ross will be taking the Summer off to be with his boys. With that said – we will have a rotating group of people and surprise guests that have all expressed a want to come in and do a little bit of “news talking.” We can do that and I’m sure it will be just as silly and fun as Chris Fisher’s contribution. Much love and thanks to Chris Fisher and his BYOCB Podcast for loaning him to us for the afternoon. Chris – you did an amazing job and that does surprise me. You’re a natural broadcaster. There are “people in radio” that don’t take it as seriously as you do. (Most of you will understand that. Hahaha…) Well done, my friend and thanks again. We had a great time!

      On today’s show:

      -Tom goes to Kobe

      -Feeding coy fish

      -“Sharing” services


      -Is Tom adopted?

      -Leftover gifts

      -Radio is fake

      -Setting things on fire

      -Dances with Hose

      -Soda tax

      -Porn for the blind

      Next week. We’ll see you then…all love and please, please, please know that we love you Orlando.



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