• Jun 06

    Show #317 – My Buddy – YEAH!


    Annoy Your Friends

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      Thanks to all of you for downloading, continuing to download and supporting “A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan.”

      I’m really sorry that these show notes are late but as soon as we cleared out the studio, I posted the show and just went to bed. I’m really trying to kick this sickness’ ass. Got it from Tom and he was correct – it’s fucking terrible and it’s driving me insane. I was up all night with a fever and could not stop coughing. Not fun. I digress; on today’s show:

      -Tom got Dan sick

      -Orlando Weekly voting

      -Tom has a spider in his truck


      -Loofa vs wash cloth

      -Moldy baby bath toys

      -Enrique Iglesias gets his fingers chopped by a drone

      -Little pink pill- female viagra

      -Being mauled by a lion

      -My Buddy and Kid Sister dolls

      -Bubba stops by

      -Mr. Candy socks

      -Bubba’s date at Universal

      -Use of the N word

      -Tom freestyle ?

      -Be the gayest gay you can be


      Again, really sorry this is late and short but yeah, you get the idea. I’m still a little under the weather and now I’m going to take my wife to get pancakes.

      Don’t forget to vote for us in the Orlando Weekly Best Of 2015 awards. We’d love to win again!

      All the best,


      Posted By dan on June 6 2015 | Comments (3)

      • stanvanghandi

        Loved the show, super funny. Your right, literally the only thing that could make
        Tom Hanks look bad is if his son started screaming the N word. Worse after that would be if he started to defend the N word by saying that it was part of his “culture” haha.

        Love all the new content but the Friday Free show and the subsequent BDM I play right after (I do it in the order I want Ross) makes Saturday Toot and Shake Off the Hangover Do House Chores Morning the best. I listen to Corporate during the week.

      • Roger Cannonball Reyes

        Lol Tom is the kid sister….YEAH!

      • Rusty Bryant

        I had a My Buddy. Then Chucky came out. And I insisted my dad throw it away, because it was going to murder me.


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