• Jan 09

    Show #296 – Sonogram Crackers


    Annoy Your Friends


      Hey there scumbags!

      Happy Friday to all of you and welcome to “A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan.” Tom and I have a ton of events going on so you’re definitely going to want to check out the “Events” page of TomandDan.com. With that said – on this week’s AMT:

      Being Invisible

      Cosby’s Calming Powers

      Kid Rock = Stingy Hair Rat Man


      Sonogram Crackers


      Dating as an Adult


      Regional “Real Man”

      Dan Wanted to Buy a Playgirl

      Thanks to all of you for downloading and supporting the show. If you want to be a part of Samantha’s bachlorette party, you’re definitely going to want to sign up to be a BDM member. Plus – we’re in the middle of our “BDM Billboard Campaign” and we want all of you that really enjoy the show to get the change to be on our billboards. Make sure that you sign up and then email us a picture of you! There are too many details to share here but just go to TomandDanContest.com and you’ll get everything there.

      All the best,


      Posted By dan on January 9 2015 | Comments (6)

      • Nick

        Awesome picture! Glad Caesar’s included, too!

      • Benmark

        YEAH! That girl on the right is totally hot.

      • @NephewBlazer

        Once again, fuckin awesome show. You 2 fellas are my GYROs. And I cant get the old “Mr. Tom Vann” song outta my head. HOLLA

      • Adam, the Author

        Tom and Dan – Loved the show this week, although Dan’s channeling of Cosby seems to have lulled me into a state of rapey-forgetfulness and lack of empathy – “Sshhhh…Calm…Quiet….No clapping…” I even failed to applaud when I received my Tom and Dan sticker in the mail this weekend (I’m lying – the “A Mediocre Time” address label instantly reversed the effects of Cosby’s Rapenotizm).

        Not to ramble, but I just wanted to tell everyone that happens to be reading this that if you aren’t a BDM, stop waffling and pay the fucking $2.95 for the best money you’ve ever spent. The “Chatting with the Masters” episodes alone are more than worth it, and if you’ve listened to Tom Vann and Daniel Dennis as long as I have (over 10 years, in some form or fashion), you should be tripping over yourselves to support two dedicated small business owners who had the balls to leave the relative “safety” of the quarry (though it was rife with treachery) to deliver this amazing content to our fucking earholes.

        Thanks for everything Tom and Dan!

        • Nick

          I know, isn’t it amazing how many freeloading hacks, unwilling to pay a measly-ass three bucks a month (which isn’t even ‘money’ anymore, in my opinion), there are out there? It’s kinda scary.

      • SBK

        Where is BDM video of Samantha from the Bachelorette party?


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