• Nov 07

    Show #287 – Mary Lynn Rajskub


    Annoy Your Friends


      Hey there guys! How’s things?

      Thanks to everyone for supporting the show and downloading! You guys are nothing short of stellar! Thanks to the Orlando Improv and Mary Lynn Rajskub for stopping by the studio today! Great stuff! Make sure and go check her out and tell her that Tom & Dan sent you!

      On today’s show:

      “General Obesity”

      Tom’s a Walking Meme

      Tom and Dan Beerfest

      “The Curse of the Stooge”


      Jason Muese

      Thanks for listening and we’ll see you guys next week!


      Posted By dan on November 7 2014 | Comments (12)

      • Buddy McLean

        Toms head looks like a thumb…..lol j/k

      • Cyberskrimps

        Throw on some mirrored old people wrap around sunglasses and tape some dryer vent on his back and ya got Dr. Octopus.

      • Bobby Dorer

        damn it tom u have let yourself go fix you hair plz. it looks so fucking weird its giving me nightmares

      • Ganster

        Dan says “he calls himself the cum master” When she said “grow up before I throw up” I think it was a delayed reaction…….

        • http://www.TomandDan.com/ Tom and Dan

          Agreed. Dan sucks. – Dan

      • Terry Hogan

        Tom brought the funny all week long. French witch check, master interviewer check, and flowbee haircut double check. Cheeks hurt from looking at that pic- GG 10/10.

      • Curtis Thompson

        Where can I get me a hair cut like that?

      • Alex the Lawn Guy

        Tom’s looking like the offspring of prom night when the coneheads’ daughter and Chris Farley got caught doing it in the driveway!!

      • Brian

        Tom’s haircut is atrocious and Dan’s is hipster/over styled. There has to be some kind of middle ground we can reach here. A haircut that doesn’t require a razor part or a bi-weekly haircut, but that doesn’t make the recipient of said haircut look mentally challenged. Maybe just get rid of the bangs? I don’t know. Maybe just go to the barber/stylist and just tell them to use their best judgement and pick a new haircut that doesn’t make Tom look like a goofus.

        • http://www.TomandDan.com/ Tom and Dan

          We’d have to see your hair to see whether your opinion on either of the boy’s hair is even close to valid.

          • Brian

            I’ve got a long blonde mullet a la Dog the Bounty Hunter, so I think it’s safe to say, I’m an authority when it comes to hair styling.

            • Another Brian

              Be proud of your hair Tom, there are tribes in africa who would pay huge sums for that scalp.

              Another Brian


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