• Mar 26

    Show #257 – Yellowmon


    Annoy Your Friends


      Today was an amazing example of a completely off the rails show. Did we have fun? YES! It was an amazingly wonderful release that I think we all needed. We’ve been so busy lately and I know that having to travel with a pregnant wife could be a bit stressful for Tom so this was a fantastic “pre-travel” day. What’s odd is when we have to do a show early. Why is it early? Partly because no matter how many times we tell you guys we’re taping early…you don’t remember. And partly because it sort of throws us ALL off. It just does. We’re used to doing the “Friday Free Show” on Fridays. That’s why we call it the “Friday Free Show.” There’s really no other reason. If it was the “Wednesday Free Show”…well…shit…you get the idea. So yeah…what was on the agenda today? We have no idea. What was the topic at hand? We have no idea. But it was fun and we really think that you’ll like it. Please enjoy and we’ll see you guys next week.

      Special thanks to Ross and Tony Rage for taking the time to hang!

      Have a great weekend!


      Posted By dan on March 26 2014 | Comments (1 )


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