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    Show #208 – Jay from Boston and The Attack (Show Reacp…)


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      Thanks to those of you that caught the show LIVE today. It’s fact that we do the show live but the majority of the people that listen are the people that download and catch it later, you know? Thanks to both of you though…truly. As a guy that’s still sky-high since our 4-year anniversary party at Hooch, I can tell you that we appreciate you both. I will ask that if you catch the show live to please go and download on iTunes or something like that because that’s the only way that we get credit for anything. It’s not imperative but it’s a fact that the more downloads and subscriptions that we have on iTunes, the more we’re on their top downloads page, “What’s Hot” and how high we rank in their chart listening. I know that in recent weeks we’ve really been harping on this but it’s a fact. The more you subscribe and download, the higher we go on the charts and every little bit helps. As always…thank to you guys for helping us out.

      On today’s show:

      Tom and Dan talk to the Mayor of Boston Jay and get a first person account of what went on in Boston.

      Our friends from The Attack stop by to talk punk rock and to chat about Record Store Day 2013.

      Thanks as always for listing and for taking the time to download the show. Our listeners are the best and without your support, we are nothing. You guys are the best…


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