• Jan 12

    Show #194 – Super Girl Jen (Show Recap…)


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      This week we had the pleasure of having international and Ocala, Florida superstar “Supergirl Jen” into the “A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan” Snootio and dare we say this was our greatest guest to date! Her and her valet, agent to the stars, “Boblando” can in and wowed us with their down to earth attitude and their amazing frets of human strength. Even Tom got into the action when he joined Jen in the shower to help her squish fruit with his hulking whale man biceps. Thanks again for Boblando and Jen for coming and doing the show and if you’d like to see the videos that she’s been making for horny guys in Sweden then check her out HERE! Just search for “Super Girl Jen.”

      Also on today’s show:

      T&D Shorts #2 was released. Please share.

      Deltona: The Jewel of Central Florida.

      Fart-O-Gram Mom

      Wild Dogs

      Too many ‘roids, guys.

      Spicing it up.

      Boblando – Agent to the Stars

      Super Girl Jen

      A Benefit for Aaron Jones at The Orlando Improv on Sunday – 13th

      Thanks again for all of the support and for listening, downloading and for rating us 5-stars on iTunes. Haven’t done that yet? Here’s a link: iTunes It really helps us to gain more popularity in areas where people don’t really know that we’re doing the show. The goal is nothing more than to create an environment where we can all have fun and laugh. Also, if you’re looking for Tom and Dan merch and you’ve lost out in the past because it’s been out of stock, well now you’re in luck! We finally were able to order a ton for you guys just to take care those of you that complain that we’re always out of gear. Here’s a link to the “A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan” merch section. Everything should be back in stock.

      All the best and we’ll see you BDM’s on Tuesday and the rest of you back here on Friday!


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