• Dec 28

    Show #192 – The Dr. says “Nothings Wrong.” (Show Recap…)


    Annoy Your Friends


      Puzzled male shrugging wearing lab coatThanks to all of the new #BDM for signing up and checking out the Tuesday NEW and Re-releases. We hope that you’re really, really enjoying it…we’ve been having a great time and things seriously couldn’t be better. We’ve been having a blast! If you’re not already a #BDM member, be sure that you check out the “Registration” page at TomandDan.com. Here’s a link: CLICK HERE.

      On today’s show:

      Bohemian Grove

      Bus Riding

      Diarrhea on a bus = Hell on earth

      Premium New Years Show

      Griz Blood Shirt


      Turnpike-ing a beer

      A straight razor shave

      Porn searching

      Record players

      Shower pooping

      Straight to fingering

      Mortician & funeral director

      MortuaryReport.com with Heather

      Thanks as always to all of you that download and support the show. We’re grass roots and just having a good time and there’s nothing more that we like than you guys leaving a 5-star rating and a comment or something on iTunes, It really, really helps us out. We will have new merch in next week…that’s everything; t-shirts, hoodies, hats…everything. They’re coming…trust me…I’ll be working on all of this.

      All the best and we’ll see you next week,


      Posted By dan on December 28 2012 | Comments (6)

      • Tired

        How about you rename the show “The Hemorrhoids, Assholes and Shit Show,” since that’s pretty much where it goes every damn time? App deleted.

        • http://www.TomandDan.com/ Tom and Dan

          Cool. Delete away. Thanks for wasting your own time leaving a comment. Your ‘roids must really be stinging. We feel sorry for you. Pack it in like a sailor’s pipe. – The Management

          • Tired

            I was going to delete the app, but couldn’t get myself to do it. After careful, prayerful thought and consultation with a team of mental health professionals, it has been determined that the problem is mine, not yours.

            As for my ‘roids, they’re subsiding thanks to the Aloe TP and witch hazel thingies.

            • http://www.TomandDan.com/ Tom and Dan

              Stop. They make us crazy too. I’m fairly certain I just killed my whole family with a kitchen knife. You’re good.

      • Ganster

        always go straight for the fingering….

      • Curt

        You have a boxxe, you can get walking dead on that


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