• Jan 06

    Show #143 – Tom and Dan go to the Flea World. (Show Rundown…)


    Annoy Your Friends


      …if you thought the zoo was bad! (Oh my…you have no idea…)

      HAHAHAHA…yeah…this was the worst one yet!

      It’s exactly what it says plus a special appearance by Airbrush Pete that we had to censor because he obvious holds in a ton of hate…and another special appearance by “creepy book man.” (We have no idea who he is…but chances are he wants to skin you for a book.)

      Grab a 2 dollar 24 ounce draft and join in…

      Dan’s pissed because he never got his helicopter.

      Really pissed.

      Some pictures:

      “Just Us” – We want this painting SO bad…

      Tom’s Mini Choppers…only 35 bucks and they’re fucking rad!

      The 100 dollar MEGA CHOPPER that Tom wants to buy! We’re getting this for sure!

      A helicopter shaped like an eagle? Oh yeah…bitch…

      Only 450 dollars…minor damage. Minor. MINOR.


      Posted By dan on January 6 2012 | Comments (29)

      • Smokincigars75

        Haha…Awesome! Love when you guys do the podcast on the road. Very entertaining.

        • dan

          Thanks so much. Just trying to do something different…

        • http://www.TomandDan.com/ Tom and Dan


      • Luke

        My roommate copied “To Us” from the Internet, sent it to VistaPrint, and gave it to me as a Christmas gift.

        Here it is:

        • dan

          You have a wonderful friend. We could totally hang that in the studio…

        • http://www.TomandDan.com/ Tom and Dan

          We’d hang that in the studio.

      • Az445

        keep up the field trips awesome

        • dan

          We shall…taking requests for where to go now. Hit us up using the contact form.

        • http://www.TomandDan.com/ Tom and Dan

          We shall…

        • Bearbaitc

          YES FUR SURE >>>SIR!!!

      • Partyguy407

        Dnt beat yourselves up…any show is a good show!!

        • dan

          Thanks…and you have the best name on the site. Hands down. …we try.

        • http://www.TomandDan.com/ Tom and Dan

          Thanks…we’re just trying to do something different. BTW…you pretty much have the best name on the site.

      • Anthony

        How about “Tom and Dan go to…… St Johns River”. Your alwast talking about throwing the gear in the St Johns so it’s the perfect place for a show on the go. Take Tom’s boat and comment on the rest of the boaters.

        • http://www.TomandDan.com/ Tom and Dan

          That’s a damn fine idea…

      • Kevinerosa

        this show was funny ..I don’t know why everyone complains..who doesn’t want a knife with a wizard handle

        • http://www.TomandDan.com/ Tom and Dan

          Because they can…the guys don’t care…plenty of other shows to do. Got to keep moving…

      • Anonymous

        Are these shows becoming just an excuse for you two to go out on man dates?  Whatever the case they are very entertaining.  Actually the last several months have been great.  I laugh more during your show than Howard Stern Show now.  Keep up the good work.  

        Sometimes I’ll be in public somewhere listening to the show on headphones and people ask me what I am listening too.   I should tell them “Tomanddan.com, but I say “audiobook” because I want to appear like an intellectual.  I’m a true scumbag, what can I say?  

        • http://www.TomandDan.com/ Tom and Dan

          Ha. Well, that’s ok. We understand. We’d love to have the plug but as long as you’re laughing, we’re good. Glad to hear the last few months have been good…we’ve thought the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd shows were definitely the best we’ve done.

          • Anonymous

            Na, you guys are definitely getting better, not to say that the show wasn’t funny earlier.  

            Ok, from now on if a dude asks what I’m listening to I’ll be honest but if it’s a girl I’m going to say “Autobiography of Mark Twain” or some shit. 

      • DPC

        Next up: Tom and Dan walk through the HOOD!

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      • Haley Jones

        I need that Balls Mahoney dollar bill!

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