• Dec 30

    Show #142 – a boogie board and moonshine. (Show Rundown…)


    Annoy Your Friends

      This is a massive day for us. We all know that it’s the end of the year and that we’re all excited about the end of the world and 2012, but this is a big “day” for us because we’ve had the first full week of using our brand new website at www.TomandDan.com. We truly couldn’t be more excited and happy about our new home for the show. Spread the word! No longer do you have to jump to a bunch of different places for the show, it’s all right HERE! Combined with the “MediocreApp” we hope to have a really great 2012 for AMT.

      On today’s show:

      We jump topics CRAZY all over the place…

      Popcorn Sutton was a real man and Tom and Dan are going to make their own moonshine. (No really…they are!)

      Moonshine + Boogie Board = a damn fine time.

      Who is “Peanut the Kidnapper?”

      Tom is a scuba diver…are you?

      Dan gets horny underwater…do you?

      Did we mention the new website, www.TomandDan.com?

      Vulgarious…VULGARIOUS!!! (Don’t worry…it’s not a word.)

      An update with all of our AMT interns that we have all across the nation…and beyond!

      Thanks as always for listening. We’re really sorry that we’re out of most of the 3X merch. We had no idea that we would have os many “bigger guys” that listen to the show. In the next couple of weeks, Tom and I will decide if we’re going to make a few more “larger” sizes for those of you that have missed out on the shirts.

      Until then…thanks as always for listening and for taking the time to download and rate the show on iTunes. It truly means more than you know…and we’ll see you in a week!


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