• Jan 17

    “Helicopter Drunk” does Fire Drills…


    Annoy Your Friends

      So, those of you that follow me on Twitter will know this but I broke my prized mini-helicopter last week with some pretty advantageous flying. I flew it right into a door jam and I broke the gyro right off of the top of it. (My wife was kind enough to buy me the 7 dollar replacement parts that I needed and I just put it back together today and it’s flying AS GOOD AS NEW! I’m also pretty happy with myself for being able to put it back together!)

      Right before I crashed it, I was doing “fire drills with it.” AKA putting out all of my wife’s candles by flying over them and using the wind power of the blades to put them out…here’s my chopper’s final mission before it went into the shop!


      Posted By dan on January 17 2012 | Comments (15)

      • http://www.facebook.com/tj27hoff TJ Hoffmann


        • http://www.TomandDan.com/ Tom and Dan

          Dan wants to remind you…that’s untouched video folks. No cuts.

      • Sureshotb

        Like a boss!!

      • http://twitter.com/JayHalePal Jay Hale

        This makes me want to get a grown-up house so I can fly helicopters inside. If I tried that in my apartment, the helicopter would take one look at its surroundings and bust through the window.

      • Chris W

        where did you buy that helicopter and find replacement parts i want one!

      • Jeffreykriley

        I really like the image of Dan accidentally swooping in too close to the candle one time and catching the cheap Chinese plastic on fire.

        The whole thing goes up in a ball of fire and smokey death, but is still flying around the living room of Dan’s house, like a remote controlled Mario fireball. 

      • Aaron

        My dad has that same helicopter…

      • Zking407

        I bought my 4yr. Old the helicopter with the ground gun turret. I am the helicopter pilot and he is the ground gunner. Got it at Wallyworld for 60 bucks or so. He kicks my ass and wants to run the chopper but when I let him he runs it straight into the ceiling. Good fun though!

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