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    Happy New Year from T&D!


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      It’s Dan – coming to you from the disheveled desk of the humble “Mediocre Studio!” (It’s actually 6am. This would normally be a time that I swore I would never be up and working EVER AGAIN but what can I say? I like working.) And the wheels on the “Orlando’s Best Radio Show” bus NEVER stop moving! Normally the ever-amazing Samantha would pen the “Snoots-letter” but we’re giving her a little break from working and hell – I’m already up!

      First and foremost, Tom and I would like to wish all of you and all of your families nothing but the best for the New Year! I think that it goes without saying that Tom and I have loads (phrasing! Bahaha – creampie!) to look forward to in the ever-so-close 2015. But lets stop and reflect on 2014 for just a hot second.

      2014 saw Tom and me going out on our own 100% and pushing forward with our dream to start our very own independent broadcasting…thing. I’m not really sure what else to call it. So what did we accomplish this year? Let’s see: Tom had a baby. Dan went back on anxiety medication. Tons of celebrity guests stopped by the studio and in my opinion – we did some of the best interviews in my entire broadcasting career. We expanded the amount of merch and premiums that we tried to provide you fine listeners with. We won over a dozen awards including “Best Local Radio Show” – for the second year in a row! We had a full-length feature article in the ever-prestigious Orlando Magazine. Real Radio asked us to come back and provide them with a weekly 1 hour show in the form of “A Corporate Time with Tom & Dan”…and WE OWN IT! We laid the ground work for the 2015 “A Mediocre Time with Tom & Dan Cruise!” Our 5-year anniversary party was insane. Our “Bad @ Business Beerfest” was even MORE insane. We increased our listenership and we’re able to partner and work with the best clients that any media entity could ever dream of working with. And sadly, I know that I’m missing a ton of other stuff that we experienced along the way. 2014 was truly amazing and we have no one to thank more than all of YOU that support the show.

      Many people can claim that their audience or listeners are the best. We do. A lot of people do. But I know you all are. Very few can claim that their audience is an integral cornerstone to help complete their “skeleton.” I know that might come off a tad dramatic, but it’s true! You guys are the bones of what we do! You hold us up! (So many jokes…) Every BDM member subscription helps to keep the studio going – not just now but hopefully for the years to come! And the best part is that all of you – with us – are completely independent and free. Refreshing. Real. American. Hahaha – seriously. I know you see what I’m getting at.

      (And if you not a BDM already – man – the shows that you’re missing are pure insanity! “Tuddle Part 1” and “Part 2” are frigg’n scorching and a sit down with Drew Garabo should post in a few weeks! You’re not going to want to miss any of these! Not a BDM Member? Sign up HERE: http://www.tomanddan.com/registration)

      On behalf of all of us here at “A Mediocre Time with Tom & Dan” – thank you! Your support, participation and feedback are paramount and we’re so glad you’re along for the ride!

      Sucking Fat Champagne Bottles,


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