• Feb 16

    You were great last night, baby!


    Annoy Your Friends

      Ping Pong Jam

      You guys never cease to amaze us. Truly.

      When we decided to test the waters for a little beer and ping-pong party at Caddy Shanks, we had no idea how many of you guys would want to come out and hang. The turnout was fantastic and obviously the bar was thrilled. So much in fact that they want to do it again with some “wicked good” beer specials. (Their words, not mine…) So it looks like we’ll be doing it again with more prizes, beer tabs, and this time, some beer specials. (Lord knows I know all about needing my beers cheap.)

      I haven’t talked to him this morning but I think Tom had a great birthday even though he got bested at “Pong” by Big Bill and his amazingly nasty, little serve. We had some really great player out there and next time I’ll show you how truly “mediocre” I am.

      Thanks to all of you that came out. It’s awesome to see how many people are down for “A Mediocre Time.” Here’s to more shows, more content, more events, and more fun. I’m so damned proud of this show and the fact that Tom and I have created something that goes back to focusing on content and making people laugh. (Remember that shit? Hahaha…there’s a concept! Actually have fun and make jokes!)

      All the best,


      Posted By dan on February 16 2013 | Comments (7 )


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