• Feb 11

    #Dildos4Dildos Contest – YOUR WINNERS!


    Annoy Your Friends

      Here’s the deal folks…

      First of all, thanks to all of you that entered this contest. Tom and I have some much better contests planned and this was just a spur of moment type deal and we were completely shocked at home many people entered. Thanks to all of you that aired out your “scumbaggedness” with us in an attempt to win some really high in puss and dick equipment. Ok…

      …the winners.

      With a score of “17 LIKES” and winning without even having to show any of her girl parts…we have Alice! Most of you will recognize her from calling yesterday while Chris was talking to us…I’m pretty sure she’s the nice lady that works in the library. Well, my dear, all of your hard work paid off and I hope that a few of your buddies that might have stopped by to check out the show like it and are now “scumbags” themselves. We appreciate you hustling for the show and spreading the word. Now you have a 300 dollar dildo and you can *spread other things… *Dad Joke

      We hope you really enjoy your Lelo Insignia…it’s truly a work of art.

      With a score of “10 LIKES” is one of my personal favorites…a picture that was affectionately known in my home as “Lady Pissing in Urnial” is Kiwi! Kiwi was by far one of the most active on this thread and trust me when I say that Tom and I really want you guys to use this place. (It cost us enough to fucking make it…USE IT DAMNIT!!! HAHA…) Thanks to her for all of the interaction and for breaking the seal on posting really, really fucked up pictures! Whether it was her passed out with no pants about to have sex or her boyfriend shitting…Kiwi stepped up everyone’s game through her posts. Please enjoy your Lelo Oden…just don’t drop it in a urnial.

      We’re going to have to have a run off for third place and it actually worked out great because it’s between two guys for none other than…A COCK RING. But it’s a Lelo Tor Pleasure Object and trust me when I tell you this thing will blow your shaft off…it’s like the Bugatti of C-rings. Who should win this amazing (really?) prize? Should it be:

      “Cool Dude with a Card on his Head wears Stashy Braclet”


      “Look at my Toys…I need a Cock-Ring like I need Pussy Repellant?”

      We’ll let you guys vote this one out and I’ll put the others in the mail promptly. Winners will be contacted by Andrea for shipping or pick up. Please vote by leaving a comment below for the tie breaker. ‘tanks…

      Again…thanks to everyone…and to our winners. Keep spreading the word guys…you guys are building this thing bigger and bigger…and just you wait until what Tom and I have planned for you all for the 3 years of “A Mediocre Time” celebration!

      Have a great weekend!


      Posted By dan on February 11 2012 | Comments (23 )


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