• Jan 28

    “Dildos” for Dildos Contest!


    Annoy Your Friends

      We all have that one picture where we look like a complete “dildo.” In the case of me and Tom…I’m afraid that we have way more than just one. Here’s one from last year where my wife was able to catch me yelling at her to stop taking pictures of me pooping and using an iPad with free 3D glasses. Yeah. That’s just one of many. Pretty good, huh?

      Got a good picture of you looking like a complete “dildo?” Post it in this thread and our top three pictures will win SUPER expensive “dildos” from the Lelo “intimate lifestyle product” corporation. Never heard of them? Let’s just say that the cheapest one that we have is a hundred bucks and our first place picture’s prize is a Lelo vibrator worth about 250 bucks.

      No…we’re not kidding. We have these to give away and it’s the least that we can do for you “scumbags.”

      So get to posting and make sure that you pick pictures where you’re at your absolute most “dildoyness.” (Totally not a word.)

      3rd prize is a Lelo Tor Pleasure Object worth 75 bucks.

      2nd prize is a Lelo Oden worth about 150 bucks.

      1st prize is a Lelo Insignia worth about 250 bucks.

      They’re brand new…never opened. (You really think we’d do that? Really?) And we’ll even sign them for you…well…the box only. I’m not opening these monstrosities.

      Remember to only post your picture in this thread and we’ll let the other “scumbags” vote on this through “LIKES” of your pictures.

      Best of luck and #snoots…you have 2 WEEKS!


      Posted By dan on January 28 2012 | Comments (167 )


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