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      We love small businesses or when people have a dream of something that they’d like to accomplish and they just go for it. Hell, no one knows this any better than Tom and me with what we’ve attempted to create with “A Mediocre Time.” Some times, you’ve just got to go for it and remember that work doesn’t always have to be a grind; it’s possible for it to be fun and super rewarding. (Not sure if we’ve found that yet or not…haha)

      That “dream identity” can certainly be slapped on the forehead of our buddy “Biggie” or Anthony from the apparel company “Deli Fresh Threads.” Here’s a guy who took his love of sandwiches and his other love of t-shirts and cool clothing and decided to open his own apparel company! We definitely admire that and most of you got the opportunity to hear Biggie on the show Friday when we closed out Show #223 by chatting about our favorite sandwiches.

      If you like sandwiches and you like awesome fucking gear, you owe it to yourself to check out Biggies brand and grab a couple of shirts. Do us a favor and head over to www.delifreshthreads.com and show the big guy a little love. And wait until you see the fit and finish of the packaging of the shirts that you buy! Biggie spares no expense in giving you the entire “deli experience.” Whether he wraps your “grilled cheese” shirt in square “sammy” wrap or rolls your Hoagie shirt like a true Italian deli take out, Biggie gives you the real “Deli Fresh Threads” experience. All T&D  “scumbags” who order shirts and use the promo code “TOMANDDAN” get 10% off their entire purchase!


      Thanks for coming into the show, my friend and best of luck with everything.


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