• Apr 09

    BONUS SHOW: Felipe Esparza Interview


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      Thanks to Felipe Esparza and the Orlando Improv for setting up the interview today! We’ve been very lucky to get such great comics in the studio and the best part is that we actually get some time with them! Allow me to explain – Back in the day, when Tom and I only did radio, having a touring comic LIVE in the studio was really never a big deal. We knew that more than likely they would get in the studio, burn a few bits, plug their social media and whatnot and then we’d promptly show them the door. Why not? We’ve got a sponsored medical ad or we’ve got some food to eat and fake rave about. You know how it is. We are so lucky now that we’re able to just sit comfortably in our own studio and talk to these interesting people as humans and not “plug factories.”

      Thanks again to Felipe and the Improv and we hope you enjoy our conversation!

      All the best,


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