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    Android like a mug… (Ver 1.01)


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      So…for those of you that have been Andrpoid users, we know that you’ve been waiting for forever and day for an App. We’re sorry about that. That has everything to do with the fact that #AMT is grassroots and everything we do is (almost) always done on a shoestring budget and out of the kindness of someone’s heart. In this case, you can thank @MediJocre for both App and for working his balls off (over Christmas vacation) to try and get this correct for you guys. We had a version out on Christmas day but there was an issue for tablets…here’s a little info from “Joker”…

      “ver 1.01 – Addresses bug preventing installation on tablets. (Tablet UI unsupported but in development)

      To speak layman’s, the app had hidden place holders to detect tablets. This was done for layout purposes for the larger screens. It wasn’t an intended release for the platform since we had only been focusing on phones. The installation tried to call files that were non-existent when a tablet was detected and it caused the halt error.”

      If you want to help out…you’re going to have to do a little better than just posting in random Facebook feeds and Twitter messages. Joe is a busy cat so if you’re really going to help out if you find an issue or bug, you’re going to have to reach out to specifically.

      Here’s the best methods (in order) –




      That’s really the only way to really get things fixed and cranking along. Thanks again for the patience and if you EVER see Medijocre out at an event or hell…just out with his family make sure that you pick up his tab or maybe even his FULL dinner. (I’m totally serious about this…)

      Thanks as always and enjoy the App!

      (Thanks Joe…you’re the frigg’n man!)


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