• May 19

    WE MADE IT OUT ALIVE!!! 5 Year Anniversary Photo Video


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      This was the most amount of people that we’ve ever tried this photo booth trick with and we love and thank the hundreds of you that we met Saturday night! That is certainly one of the record books. Our 5 year anniversary “Soulabration” is over and I can honestly tell you with ZERO hesitation that it was one of the best events that I think we’ve ever had! To the hundreds of people in attendance (was told that it was well over 500+), thank you. Your support, dedication, word of mouth marketing, and especially BDM memberships keep our show alive. I’ll say it again; independent broadcasting and podcasting excites us! We starting doing it because the idea was cool to us. What if you could broadcast and then control the entire message and product? What if you could make sure that there was a true balance of entertainment and advertising with a concentration on content? This is what we’re trying to do and we’re glad that all of you are along for the ride. Truly. Major thanks to Ross and Samantha for all of the help and dedication to the show. If you see these guys out, please make sure that you thank them. They work oh so hard for very little and are becoming more and more instrumental to how the show operates. Thanks again to all of you that came to our event and we promise to try to make each one of our events better and better! (Special thanks to our intern Jason for helping us, Andrea and Alix keep the booth and the merch all in order. You rock man.) We’ll see you Friday for the “Friday Free Show.”

      All love,

      Tom & Dan

      PS – This song fits so fucking well and it’s by Orlando’s own “Teen Agers.” If you don’t have their newest record “I Hate It” do yourself a favor and help support rad local music! This is the song “Wreckage.”

      …we made it! WE MADE IT OUT ALIVE!


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