• Feb 02

    757 – A Dansel in Distress


    Annoy Your Friends


      ### Today’s Tom & Dan LIVE Stream Highlights:

      – Sam takes the lead at a Fairvilla event with spicy trivia to kick things off.
      – Andrea and Maisie are on packing duty for Dan, ensuring he’s concert-ready.
      – Exploring the dynamics of attending concerts solo.
      – The convenience of hotel check-ins via phone is discussed.
      – PigTits Krystine brings the Megacon excitement directly to the listeners.
      – A deep dive into the spectrum of celebrity photos, from casual to formal.
      – Tom’s unwavering willingness to heed any woman’s request is humorously examined.
      – HS Dance Nationals bring a competitive edge to town, with Tom stepping into the role of judge.
      – A no-holds-barred discussion on the worst smells, challenging the throne of poop’s pungency.
      – Nostalgia hits with a conversation on caller ID and the era of cordless phones.
      – The benefits and challenges of training in cold water are explored.
      – An amusing recount of an encounter with Walmart’s customer service chat.
      – The art and etiquette of serving in restaurants gets a spotlight.

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