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    The 2013 Stitcher Awards: UPDATE!!!


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      First things FIRST – HERE’S THE LINK TO VOTE! -> stitcher.promotw.com

      The other day we Tweeted that we had some really big news regarding the show and that we would be sharing this news with you later in the week. It wasn’t meant as a tease or anything like that. Truly. We were actually told to keep or mouths shut about it and so we did. But since they’re now Tweeting about it openly, we have a good feeling that it’s fair game. (deep breath…)

      In one of the biggest milestones that we’ve ever accomplished, “A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan” is now in the Top 6 for “Best Comedy Show” in the 2013 Stitcher Awards! (Most of you that are somewhat tech savvy will recognize Stitcher as a radio station and podcasting platform where you can listen to over 20,000+ radio shows and podcasts from your iPhone, iPad, Android or PC. If you haven’t checked it out, it’s really quite fantastic!)

      So yeah. 

      We were blown the F away. 

      There we are. 

      “A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan.” 

      In the top 6.

      Screen Shot 2013-12-31 at 9.18.14 PM

      Right along side the biggest in the business! Anytime that anything that you do in broadcasting gets saddled next to Adam Carolla, Marc Maron, Kevin Smith, Comedy Bang Bang, etc…at that point you need to sit back and and take in a gulp of satisfaction for a nomination that monumentous. (Did you know that’s not really a real word? And we use it all the time!!!)

      Do we think that we’re going to win such an award?


      But God dammit we’d frigg’n LOVE to! 

      That’s why we’re letting all of you know right now that we appreciate the fact that you nominated us! You did it! You sat us right there along side people that we idolize in this business. People that we load on our iPods and iPhones. Podcasters that accompany us to Planet Fitness as we pace around looking at asses and stealing free Tootsie Rolls. YOU GUYS DID IT! But we have a little bit more to do. We need you to vote. We need you to VOTE until your fingers fall off. We need you to VOTE every single day (as you’re allowed) and then get your Mother to vote too. Then we need you to get your Father to vote even if he’s dead like mine! VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!

      And it would be unfair of us to not see this 100% through, so we’re going to take this baby to the limit. As of right now, we’re booking our flights and hotel rooms for San Francisco for January 30th and we’re going to head to California and preach “mediocrity.” We’re going to share the love that all of you “scumbags” have shared with us to all of California and really waste all of that sweet, sweet BDM cash! We’re going to sit our asses in the audience and take our beating like a man…a REAL man.


      So…thanks for everything that you’ve done and we hope you look forward to helping us see this thing through. To vote, all you have to do is go to this link and you can do so once a day until January 13th.


      Thanks again! We truly have the best listeners in the world!


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