• Jun 22

    T&Dメガミックス 2.0 (T&D Mega Mix 2.0)


    Annoy Your Friends


      Hey, there Mediocre family.

      It’s Dan, (Tom, Sam, and Travis are all here too) coming at you from AMTStudio3. Today is a tough one. You guys listen to the show, so you know that our families – all families for the most part – have their fair share of tragedy. Yesterday, my wife Andrea lost her younger brother Jon to a motorcycle accident.

      I know that many of you knew him – had met him – maybe even cruised with him on a “Tom and Dan Cruise.” Jon was a wonderfully caring man, and I will miss him every day. My relationship with him was not as good as I would have liked and that hurts me to my core. Because I’ll be handling family stuff, we will not have a live show today. I’m very sorry, but I know that you guys understand. Many of you guys have reached out to both Andrea, and I love you for it. It is THIS sense of community and love that makes this job so unique.

      I love you, Jon. I miss you, Jon.

      Thanks to Tom and Samantha for helping me gather a “Mega Mix” for you. Hopefully, these cuts make you laugh and smile. I know me and the entire “T&D Media Team” laughed and enjoyed revisiting these classic cuts.

      I love you guys!


      Posted By dan on June 22 2018 | Comments (1)

      • Mike T

        Hey Dan, Quick little story about Jon and his feelings toward you. Being a 6’3″ insensitive prick, sometimes I let my humor get away from me and make short jokes. One day, one of my was cast in your direction on FB, and one guy came raging in to defend you…Jon. I was unable to talk/type my was out of that one and he defended you and your feelings til the very end. Y’all lost a goo cat! Rock On Mike T


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