• Dec 18

    Wifecast and OG Show #36 Feat. Josh Radin (BDM Show Recap…)


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      Thanks again to all of you that are #BDM subscribers. You really are keeping “Tom and Dan Studios” afloat and it means more than you know. This week we’ve got a brand new “Wifecast” for you (because many of you requested to hear one) and “Tom and Dan Original Show #36.” This show features Joshua Radin and Jessica Staveley Taylor playing live in my old house and our old studio. Samuel was nice enough to set the interview up but we think that they were both were a little shocked that it was in an older home in an older section of Orlando. To this day, these are two of the nicest and most famous people that we’ve ever had in the studio and this was really in the infancy of the show. Thanks to both of them for being such great sports and listen for Jessica’s song “Mexico.” To this day it’s really one of the only songs that can bring Tom to tears…

      Josh…if you’re reading this…we’re sorry that we put you through this but it was fun none the less. Although he did seem sort of sketched out by the whole deal…

      All the best,


      Posted By dan on December 18 2012 | Comments (4)

      • JasonHutson

        You guys should bring Samuel back on the show. That guy is crazy.

      • http://www.facebook.com/jordan.cunningham.31 Jordan Cunningham

        seems like this vid is fucked up or something so i youtubed it and fuck this one.. you need to post that chick singing the mexico song.. i think i cummed in my pants twice.. hands free.. she is fucking awesome.. and people like shit like taylor swift..WTF!!!!!!!!!

      • Ashley

        Enjoyed the Wifecast alot. They should be part of the show a bit more for us lady Millionaires. I do have to let them know that you do not always shit and get hemrhoids from giving birth. I didnt. Your body naturally clears your system out before you start contracting, and usually, if there is any, its not much.
        Great shit guys! Keep it coming.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=718079096 Chris Rahman

        is this the one that got samuel fired?



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