• Oct 22

    Take Tom & Dan Bowling…


    Annoy Your Friends



      Yesterday, Tom and I had a really good time when we headed over to the Colonial Lanes bowling alley and did the BDM show live from there. You will hear that we needed to move at some point because a gang of kids took over the bowling alley for practice. There’s nothing quite like two old men, sitting in a bowling alley drinking beer while young teens swirl around us. It was a great show and really fun and we’re going to try and do more and more interesting “go to” shows for you guys. Next week, I think we’re just going to hang around the T&D Studio and do a normal show and then the following week, I think we’ll have another little surprise “go to” for you guys.



      Also…we do a full 40 minutes before the OG show this week so it’s almost like you’re getting a full “new” show. And imagine this…it’s super fucking funny! We got done with it and were like “Damn man…we should have just rolled another 20 minutes on that and just called it a day!” Alas, we had already branded it a OG show so we just stuck with that. But we think that you guys will really, really, really like it!

      To all of the BDM’s…thanks for keeping us up and running.

      All the best,


      Posted By dan on October 22 2013 | Comments (3)

      • big rick

        hey, you thank us all the time and i know that paying you money/ listening to the show
        but i don’t know if anyone actually says thank you to you guys

        thank you for fuckin being awesome and doing this podcast for us!

        the four of you are all great at what you do and bring smiles to our faces on a daily.
        thank you once again

        • http://www.TomandDan.com/ Tom and Dan

          Thanks dude! You know we have a good time doing it and we’re happy that you’re along for the ride.

          • big rick

            hey, no worries



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