• Dec 11

    K-Tuesday and Nunchaku (BDM Show Recap…)


    Annoy Your Friends

      To all of our #BDM family…thanks for supporting us and downloading all of the shows. Today you have a treat…you’ve got the “original” K-Tuesday episode and the first appearance of “Kelly the Butterfly Girl” who has been a supporter and friend for many, many shows. (If you need butterflies for an event…like a wedding or anything…be sure and hit her up. Amazing lady!) You also get a special appearance of “Samuel” as he was the only person that was willing to go and get the K-2 from the Winn-Dixie parking lot. There new show that we’re releasing to those of you that are BDM features Seth Petruzelli and a debate of whether nunchucks are good in a fight or not. (Seth would know…but as always…we think we know better.) We do a recap of our weekends, Dan takes a dong to a Christmas party and Tom rides dirt bikes with ‘roods. To those of you that have subscribed to help make Dan’s life easier…thanks. It truly means more than you know and will help to continue to let the show roll on. You guys are the fucking best!

      See ya next week…


      Posted By dan on December 11 2012 | Comments (16)

      • disqus_CxwPSo2kc0

        Is this where I go to get the free hovercraft?

      • http://twitter.com/bokeypunk Eric Holland

        Oh, I can’t wait to get a dose of classic Samuel and the sexy Seth Petruzelli.

        • Nik

          i cant wait for the d-rugg/seth episode. gaping girls assholes

      • No name

        How do I download a copy to put on my iPod or phone without having to stream?

        • Nik

          go to the archives and click download, then upload to your device of your choosing

          • no name

            The only thing that clicking the download button does is open the show in my browser and start playing it. It doesnt start the process of actually copying the show to my hard drive.

        • TGSF

          check out the app “Free MP3″, it has a browser in the app where you sign in on t&d website then click the download link and allows you to store it on iphone in the app

          • no name

            I don’t have an iPhone. I want a copy on my computer.

            • BDMLDS

              right click the link. Then click “save link as”, the save to your computer.

              • no name

                That does nothing. At all.

              • Jason Hutson

                If you right click and select “save link as” and it does nothing, try left clicking on the download button afterwards. For me it will go to the streaming but also pop up the download.

              • noname

                Well that was needlessly complicated but it worked. Thanks!

              • Jason Hutson

                This is all new to them. I’m sure in time it will be easier.

              • http://www.TomandDan.com/ Tom and Dan

                Totally. It’s only going to get better. Keep in mind that the rollout for this was like a 35 minute window. Hahaha…Jesus…nothing quite like planning.

      • Tripping Real Man

        The K-Tuesday episode was actually the next one on backlog for me before all the old episodes got pulled. Pretty rad!
        Any way we could talk you guys into providing us with an original episode number, since you’re going out of order? (I know this one is #81)

      • Thomas

        K2 episode is one of the best. Dan’s idea of tucking your dick in and pissing backwards at a urinal literally made me throw up from laughing so hard.



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