• Oct 24

    All the info on #Snootsgiving 2013!


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      We think it goes without saying that we love our BDM members. As a reward to the mighty that keep “A Mediocre Time with Tom & Dan” running, we would like to give you kids a jump on the info for this years “Snootsgiving” event.

      Snootsgiving has grown and with that growth we’re morphing our favorite event into a full on “Real Man Festival” November 23rd at Johnny’s Other Side, “A Mediocre Time with Tom & Dan” present “Snootsgiving: Real Man Fest 2013″

      Everything kicks off at 7pm with the traditional “Tom & Dan give out free shit and take a picture” cocktail hour with amazingly “manly” music provided by none other than our friends Joseph Martens and Jessica Daumen!

      The first 200 people in the door get a one of a kind, “Tom & Dan and Johnny’s Beer Shack” pint glass and if you’re one of the first 100 we’ll fill said glass with a tasty brew!

      Get your picture made with the “World Famous Tom & Dan Camel Girl” who will obviously dress to impresses the realest of men! (We haven’t decided if she’s going to have a beard or not…we’ll get back to you on that!)

      Johnny’s Beer Shack has 18 different hand crafted beers on draft as well as a full assload of bottles! And the best part about their drafts? They’re $3 so bring your mouth!

      Taste the brand new “T&D Real Man Burger” at Johnny’s Other Side! $20 dollars gets you the succulent “Real Man Burger”, an ice cold shot of Jagermeister, and a t-shirt that commemorates the fact that you ate the burger, did the shot, and ARE in fact a real man! (The burger is killer! It’s breakfast, lunch, and dinner all rolled into one because everyone knows that a “real man” only eats once a day! He’s far too busy to stop for all three meals!)

      Test your skill level with a game of Sapo (Peruvian coin tossing), or the realest, real man game of all time Hammerschlagen. There will be prizes for all who play as well as challenges against Tom, Dan, Ross and Samantha.

      There will be specially priced “Real Man Fest” merch as well as all other Tom & Dan gear for those of you who prefer to purchase your shirts in person.

      This is just the beginning, but we wanted to make sure and give you BDM Members a leg up on what’s going on.


      Posted By dan on October 24 2013 | Comments (1)

      • MediocreNewbie

        Hey Dudes, how do I get to be one of the 25 BDMs at the Pre-Party? I’m playing DD at snootsgiving, so it’d be cool to drink a beer with you guys ahead of time 😛



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