• Jan 29

    #BDM Show and OG #10 – I Swing My Fish with Mighty Might! (Show Recap…)


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      Thanks to all of the #BDM’s that hit us up on Twitter and Facebook about the new shows that we released last night. For an OG show, you’re getting our original show number five from almost 4 years ago. It’s pretty frigg’n amazing for us to sit there and listen to a lot of these older shows. We had no idea how far were would end up taking this thing! I think you’re really going to like the BDM show this week. Tony Rage is helping me out with a little Orlando City Soccer Club project that I’ve got going on and was stopping by my place to get something so Tom and I invited him in on the show. Tony goes on to tell us one of the most amazing stories that I think I’ve ever heard. We talk about Ernest Shakleton, one of the greatest “real men” of all time, and we even got a nice call from a fellow BDM that happens to do sketch comedy. (You’ll see what I’m talking about…funny stuff.) Add in voicemails and you’ve got a nice little show. See you BDM’s next Tuesday.


      Posted By dan on January 29 2013 | Comments (3)

      • Alex

        Really thought that with the racist porn in this week’s free episode, you would have chosen the first racist porn segment you guys did back in show #131 – Get a Spoon.


        So, on the OG #10 show we learn that Tom was an ambassador 3.5 years before Daniel,always a bridesmaid DD

      • PPBatgirl

        This has to be one of the best BDM shows. Funny stuff. I sat in my cube with my earphones in doing the shoulder shake laughter until I couldn’t breathe. Loved. It.



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