• Jan 08

    #BDM Show and OG #7 – Greatest Prank Call EVER! (Show Recap…)


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      So it was originally show #73 and it was chaos. On top of that, Tom and I were in the #Snootio recording the intro for all of this and the new #BDM show and Andrea walks in getting home from work. We just happen to be discussing the ends and outs of “Cam-Girls” and we sort of got caught. Well caught watching on of the finest “stay at home Moms” playing with her tits. Funny stuff because Andrea had no idea that these people were real. She said “Is this live? Is she really doing that?” Please enjoy the latest show and the new #BDM show that we did. We call it “Tom and Dan’s Party Line.”

      Thanks for listening and we will leave you with one question; If you were to see one visual in a video featuring us and D-Rugg, what would you like to see? We’re just now putting the details together for a song and video that we’re going to hopefully be able to release soon. Like I said, more details to come.

      #BDM Members, just to give all of you a heads up, I’m up early posting this recap (Sorry that I didn’t do it last night but I was trying to get a little bit of sleep because I knew I was going to have an early morning.) but the real purpose of me being up this early is to head over to Enemy Ink to press a new batch of hats for you guys. So since you guys are #BDM, you are for sure the first people to see this. Expect all of the “Sold Out” deals to change this afternoon after Tom and I get in, fill all of the already needing to be filled orders, and then take inventory.

      Thanks for the support and we’ll Cee Uoo Next Tuesday…


      Posted By dan on January 8 2013 | Comments (8)

      • scumbagfarmer

        Visual: Tom shaking hands with a smoking chimpanzee… daniel riding a giraffe? Sneak into sanford zoo if you have to, but riding a Giraffe is true BDM status…

        • http://www.TomandDan.com/ Tom and Dan

          Wow. Love it but it would more than hard to pull off.

      • KJ

        How about some big titty bitches in TCs hot tub. Kind of a requirement for a rap vid!

        • http://www.TomandDan.com/ Tom and Dan

          All of those are great ideas! ALL OF THEM. We already want to have the girls…and all ideas are welcome.

      • eggo

        How about d rugg with a dancing raccoon in a box with a tom and dan t shirt on.

      • http://twitter.com/JBeaverton James Beaver

        can you get Pinky for this?

      • Ganster

        will rupe let you guys green house the lambo? ask the owners of your old house if you can do it in the same spot where trombone titties was shot, the beginning of the music video will make people think its trombone titties, but you and tom get out with a huge haze… sorry started rambling im sure rupe will go for that.

      • Chefertom

        Straight up lambos, titties, and dollaz



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