• Nov 18

    BDM Private Party!


    Annoy Your Friends


      I know that we’ve been teasing this for some time for all of you “BDM Members” but as we near the “holiday” that we have all come to know as Snootsgiving, we’ve got one more little surprise up our sleeve for those of you that have been members and help to keep the studio running with your subscription support.

      If you’re one of the first 20 (TWENTY) BDM’S to put your email address down as a comment following THIS POST, you will be invited to Johnny’s Other Side on THIS Thursday at 7pm to have a private tasting of the new “Tom & Dan Real Man Burger!” This tasting is complete with 1 burger, a shot of ice cold Jaegermeister, and a commemorative t-shirt in your size celebrating the fact that you did indeed eat the “realest” burger in all of the world!

      Please understand that this is free of charge and all on Johnny so if you put your name and email address down, I will be contacting you personally via email. You MUST be able to go to Johnny’s Other Side in Orlando on Thursday evening at 7pm. Because Johnny is being so cool about this, please don’t say you can make it if you know you can’t. We’re really trying to avoid “flakes” and a waste of the ingredients for said “burger.”

      I’ll repeat. IF YOU CAN’T MAKE IT…THEN PLEASE DON’T SIGN UP AS ONE OF OUR 20 BDM’S. And yes…you MUST be a BDM Member to be eligible for this special perk. 

      Get to commenting with your name and email address. If you’re one of the first 20, then you’re in! I’ll email you back with a confirmation and also a few other little things that I’ll need to find out before Thursday i.e. shirt size and whatnot.

      Thanks for all that you do!


      Posted By dan on November 18 2013 | Comments (54)




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