• Feb 28

    The fish we won at the carnival


    Annoy Your Friends

      This is what happened to the fish we won at the carnival. As you know from the show my wife is an animal lover and she was going to make sure the fish lived. So after we ate drunk at Denny’s we drove to Walmart and spent around $60 on rocks, tank , water cleaner, plant and food. We also bought a scull that didn’t fit. Anyway this is what I’m left with now. Swanson and staley the fish. I spent a dollar to win a $70 bill.

      Posted By tom on February 28 2012 | Comments (20)

      • Kelly

        They are cute! 

      • Kelly

        They are cute! 

      • Cockmaster 3000

         You should have shaken the plastic bubble bag until they bled from their eyes. It would have saved you $70.

      • Gaboonviper

        what happened to the cuban treefrog?

      • Anonymous

        Put one of the fish on your foot and then have a contest to see who can make the funniest comment.

      • FuckThatSamGuy

        I can relate. We rescued a cat from a neighbor’s tree. Now it’s our cat. Food, flea collars and soon we’ll have to get her spayed, just because my wife didn’t want to hear a cat in a tree bitching while she smoked a Marlboro. :(

      • http://twitter.com/Nuriko455 Ron

        gold is a great investment

      • http://www.facebook.com/Bacharach Ben Bacharach-White

        You know they’re just gonna end up in the shitter. I give them 2 weeks.

      • Rusty Weightset

        10 more and some tater tots ………….just sayin

      • Blake

        $70 to take care of fish worth $.20. Money well spent Tom.

      • Sam

        Fun Fact: Goldfish can easily live 10-15 years and grow to about a foot long. These fish will die, soon, because their habitat is WAY too small. 

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