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      1989 GMC S-15

      Daniel put up a blog about his first car, so i figured i would too. We were joking around about Daniel being crazy about keeping his cars nice so i figured i would tell you about how im pretty much the exact opposite. Don’t get me wrong, i don’t want to purposely destroy my vehicles, i just don’t care what happens to them as i go through life. This was my dads truck, my mom kept it and gave it to me when i turned 16. I actually wanted to fix it up and customize it, but i only managed to put a stereo system in it. It was actually pretty cool cause i had two custom boxes built on each side so people could still sit on them in the extended cab where the drop seats were. I wanted to get rims but i kept spending my rims money on dirt bikes and stand up jet skies. This truck lasted me almost all the way through college. I got it when i was 16 and had it till 23 or 24. But i also was rough as hell on it. I took it off roading once with the Wizard and turkey leg and i tried to pull a 360 and caught some rocky terrain and it rolled two of the tires on one side like doughnuts. We were struck out in the woods for a long ass time and the damn mosquitos ate us a live.  I used to drink and smoke and eat in that truck and also blast crazy. They didn’t call me Tommy 2 fingers for nothing. I shouldn’t have said that.  I also jumped off my roof drunk as hell on too the hood of that truck from like 15 feet away. Now i cant remember why i did that but its on video, i will have to find that and put it up on the site. There was a body size dent in the hood that never came out after that. I remember one time the wizard and i were driving down to miami and i didn’t want to stop for him to piss so he opened up a garbage bag on the floor and pissed into it. It was weird cause it was like he was just peeing on my floor but everything went into the garbage bag so i was cool with it. Anyway you get the picture. Maybe i will feel different when and if i ever by a brand new car, ( i have never owned a brand new car before). I also do respect Daniel for keeping his shit nice. I wish i had at least half of that in me so the stuff would last. But until then fell free to fell free in my cars. Although i wouldn’t let you piss in a garbage bag now, i have done a little growing up since then.

      Posted By tom on March 12 2014 | Comments (4)

      • http://www.TomandDan.com/ Tom and Dan

        Dude. I would kill to have either my old VW or a truck like that now. Isn’t it insane to see how much cooler stuff like that is after they have a little time on them. Or maybe I’m just saying that because I’m officially old. – dan

        • Trey Siwek

          I have an old doo doo truck like that and believe me its no pickick. I also have a brand new scion and I am anal about keeping it clean. So I believe its a new car thing. I say we get Tom a brand new truck as an experiment and wrap it in Tom and Dan so it’s a write off. And we’ll see if he can keep it ant free. What ya think ol’ Tommy 2 Fingers?

      • Linda Zimmermann

        Im kinda in between the both of you. I care tremendously what happens to my vehicles but im not a freak about the keeping it clean part. I am a firm believer that just like your home, your car is something you have that will from time to time look, lived in.

      • orlandowebsitedesign

        Let’s see that video!



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