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    Annoy Your Friends


      Here err is a pic of our ski strip group this year. My wife and my buddies wife are at the house preggo. also many other fronds didn’t come this tear cause they either just had a baby or are pregnant. I guess it’s this time in my life where all my friends are having babies or about to have babies. This is Sunlight mountain. Me, logic man Andy, the wizard and turkey leg James are in the picture. We skied on day on Sunlight and two days at copper. I got video to come.



      Posted By tom on January 15 2015 | Comments (10)

      • http://facemafia.tumblr.com/ Face

        top types how he talks

      • Nick

        What the FUCK did I just read?

        Cool picture, though. Andy’s got more brains than the other three of ya combined., I’d wager.

      • sobeRx

        Mr. Vann regrets that his communiqué appears so disjointed; typing with ski gloves on is quite the challenge! He has requested that I send the message again for him:

        “Here is a picture of our annual skiing excursion attendees, captured with the assistance of one of those ridiculous selfie-sticks. Unfortunately, our wives are not represented in this image, as they are pissed off at us for leaving them, pregnant, at the rental house. Alas, our group has dwindled over the years due to this spreading infection known as “child-rearing”. I guess I should stop fighting the fact that my best years are behind me, and I’m closer to the day of my inevitable death as I am my birth.

        From left to right, we are Tom, Cokey the Cat, The Wiz, and Turkey Leg, atop the transcendent Mount Sunlight. Day one of our expedition was spent “tearing up the slopes” (as the local parlance goes!) at this location, while the following two days, our skills were tested on the treacherous trails of Copper.

        I got video to come.”


        Teemas Vern
        Dicated but not read

        • Smrtask

          Ahsome reeply sobeRx!!

        • http://www.TomandDan.com/ Tom and Dan

          So fucking funny!

      • Daniel Lee

        Where is Dan Dennis? Thought he was one of your buds, guess not!

        • Adam, the Author

          I thought this had been settled already? You’d hate it Dan! Top of a mountain, covered with fresh powdered snow, one of the most beautiful views you could imagine… Who’d want to visit a hellhole like that!?

          • http://www.TomandDan.com/ Tom and Dan

            I’m so sad. – Dan

            • Joel

              He should have invited you…

      • Kobe Amick

        The Grammar Nazi is out cold. Someone get some water and I’ll get the AED!



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