• Mar 21

    My wife loves this bird too much


    Annoy Your Friends

      My wife is truly happy when she holds peanut the parrot. She is a good person and loves all animals. It does doo doo allot a scream crazy but the fact that she likes it so much is guilting me into leaning towards letting her keep it. Anyway we will see…. O man I had to many red devils tonight and I must be getting soft.

      Posted By tom on March 21 2012 | Comments (10)

      • http://twitter.com/TheNewBlackMage Rusty Bryant

        I think Peanut has earned a reprieve… but only if your wife allows the scumbags to rename him officially to Peanut the Kidnapper.

      • Rusty Weightset

        his necks broke, you have a broken ass bird so just flush it

      • nottomswife

        he will die if he doesn’t stay with her. do you want him to die???

      • Kelly

        They are BFF’s

      • http://twitter.com/jpop100 James Cook

        I was just listening to episode 74 and Dan said that if you have a bird that he doesn’t want you listening to the podcast and that you’re probably fat and that you should kill yourself.   And Tom, you agreed.  I guess being in your thirties is hitting you hard Tom.  Thank god I’m 29 still.

      • Nick G.

        Yes you are too drunk.  Birds are worse than even cats.

      • Joel

        Dude, those things live for like 50 years…

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