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    Good Morning, “Bags” & Dive Pics!


    Annoy Your Friends


      Happy Wednesday morning, ‘bags…

      You know…I just thought of something. I don’t think that I’ve ever asked if you guys even LIKE being called “bags?” I realize in hindsight that it only truly makes sense for guys and could be a quintessential “tip of the hat” to the leathery eye-ball sacks that dangle between our legs…but for the ladies? Yeah. Doesn’t it sort of just mean that you’ve got big, fat, leathery tits? Is that even bad? I mean…there ARE days that you can catch me on XNXX.com searching for that exact phrase…so…there’s…that…

      Here are a few teaser picture of a few of our dives just for those of you that are #BDM Members. We figured, what better a way to generate hype and excitement for a possible trip next year, then to limit who sees said pictures to a select 17-25 peeps! Bad at business. Really bad at business…


      Here’s my wife, Andrea descending the mooring line on her way down to our first ocean dive EVER! I was really fucking proud of her, how she dives, and the fact that she got a little out of her comfort-zone. Lord knows that we all need to do that…for me…it’s that big, dumb plane that we were on just to get us to the Bahamas in the first place! 19 beers and 6 “French Fries” later…I was just fine. And by just fine, I mean barely able to walk and with a ragging boner that I was unable to feel or control.


      Believe it or not but this picture does NOT do the true color of the Bahamian water any justice! On a truly sunny day like the one that we had on our very first day of diving…this was your underwater wallpaper. I’m not sure if you’re spiritual or not but this is surely the closest that I think I will ever come to touching the hand of the “flying spaghetti monster.” It NEVER gets old and it’s 100% always amazing!


      This is what it would look like if you were descending with a dive group. This was the second and largest reef that we were diving during the week. (That’s me dead center…you can tell by the way that I wear my wetsuit almost like a “early 90’s” Gansta-rapper would wear his kakis and Chuck Taylors; baggy and with a cuff and a crease. I also like to hang my weight belt directly ON my ass…just to piss off old people at the mall.) If you’ll look to the very top…you’ll see sans a wetsuit, the myth, the legend, the dive daredevil known as “Fast Scuba Mike!”


      There he is! THERE HE IS!!!

      This is one of the many pictures that Tom was attempting to take while Mike would rocket into frame in an attempt to get on as many people’s cameras as possible. And when you think about it, since he didn’t bring a camera for the entire trip…he wins! It’s a great fucking idea! Photo-bomb your way to having an entire album of great vacation shots! Well played, sir.


      This last picture is of a wreck that we got to do on our first day too. Nothing can prepare you for how large these vessels are as you’re hanging weightless over-top of them, staring at what once was a functioning means of transportation. It’s pretty wild.

      We’ll have more pictures up later. We have tons of shark video that I have to go through and edit together so I’ll have that up as soon as possible. For those of you that are looking at this and digging it…I think we’re already going to attempt to plan another trip as soon. If you’ve never done this, if you’re not dive certified, if it just looks like a trip that you’d like to take…we’re going to do our best to give you the opportunity to be a part of it! You don’t have to be a diver either. You can take full on snorkel trips there as well.

      Love to all of you. Those of you WITH bags and those of you WITH leathery tits. You’re all aces to me!


      Posted By dan on October 2 2013 | Comments (4)

      • ZenDeHoag

        Awesome, Dan! Thanks for sharing these. My girlfriend and I have talked about learning to scuba dive with a dive master friend of mine, don’t know if it’ll be done by next year but we’re gonna try, and these photos are definite motivation. Looks like the kind of trip you just have to do at least once in your life.

        • http://www.TomandDan.com/ Tom and Dan

          Completely. Tom and I are going to try and set up a deal of some sort (no idea what that’s going to be yet) that will offer the ability to learn. I think you’d love it!

      • Kenny M

        Me and my girlfriend are going on this trip with you guys next year for sure! You guys gotta give out dates and hotels when you figure it out so we can go booking crazy.

      • Scooba Steve

        “It’s a different world down there”



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