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Wildhat – Black Flexfit


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We’ve been waiting for these M’n’F’ers for a while now and we’re so glad to finally be able to offer them to you! It’s the most premium hat that we’ve ever released! I know we’ve said that before, but now that we’re working exclusively with Jacksonville’s own Dome Hats for not just embroidered hats but FULLY customized hats – us and The Danger Brains just keep trying to out do ourselves!  Show the world that you’re a real “Wildmun” by getting your hands on the 2016 Wildmun hat collection. This time we’re offering three stylesKhaki SnapbackMidnight Blue Snapback – and Flexfit Black. All made of the finest fabrics that we (Dome) could track down and fully customized – complete with wood-grain under the brim – because THAT’S how you know! Get wild and put a little corduroy in your life!



Tom and I hope you love what you’ve ordered from But in case you don't—perhaps it's a little too small - too big - it’s not what you expected - or the style just isn't working for you—we'll send you a new size, color, or style, or issue you a quick refund. No problem! Returns and exchanges are super easy when you email:

You have up to 30 days to return items purchased from our online store or from a “Tom and Dan” event. Now I know this goes without saying but there’s no way that we can take a used item back for a refund or exchange. You wore it and washed it? You lost it leaving an event and found it later in a mud puddle? Sadly - it’s now yours. Give it to your little sister or a homeless person. Thanks for the advertising! If you have yet to wear it, wash it, or destroy it and need us to make an exchange for you - email and our “merch God” will walk you through the steps of making a proper return. We’re here you make you happy and really want that to go down! You guys mean the world to us!

If we receive your return and deem it used in any way or a piece of merch that we can no longer offer to other listeners as “new merch” - T&D Media reserves the right to decline your exchange. Sorry. People like to scam and to insure that we’re not having to deal with stuff like that - this just has to be said. If you’re cool - we’re cool. We cool? Cool.




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